Let's gather for a conscious celebration in the time between Christmas and New year's eve! Warm up with Dj Ishtadi (a.k.a. our wonderful co-creator Jakob), and later most amazing DJ Grundstoff will make sure you'll work up a serious sweat! We will provide some raw/vegan snacks, you are welcome to bring and share your own :)

The Event

Come and dance your own dance. Ecstatic Dance Copenhagen creates a safe space where you can pass through a meditative state, experiment with movement, express yourself or play while letting the music take you on an adventure.

We facilitate an intimate space where you might or might not connect to others on the dance floor – without speaking, as we ask you to keep verbal (and digital) communication to an absolute minimum.

Registration and Details

Dancing will be barefoot (or with socks). You are free to dance however you wish, but without talking and while respecting yourself and one another.

The event is an alcohol-free space - there will be free tea and water.


  • 20:30-22:00 Food, Chill, Dance DJ - Ishtadi
  • 22:00-24:00 Dance DJ Sandra Grundstoff
  • 24:00-02:00 Dance Live Set - Space Meriachi

Price: 120,- DKK, 60,- DKK for members.

You can pay cash or with mobile pay at the door.