This event is arranged and performed by one of our members, Peter S. Sørensen.

In this Workshop you will learn how to live stream events, wherever you are. Using the App 'Bambuser' you will be taught how to set up a stream and make it available to others.

Imagine that you attend an important demonstration, but the mainstream media is ignoring it. Or you're attending or hosting a lecture that you absolutely want to share with more people. Or broadcast your own birthday party, so your favourite Cousin can be there despite his broken leg. Your imagination is the limit.

This workshop gives you the tool and power to share experiences, spread awareness and let people participate who can't be there in person. You can broadcast anything in realtime and get live comments from the users watching.

The whole workshop will be recorded, so you can refresh your memory later on.

Tea and coffee included.

Free for members.

20,- DKK drop-in.

Please sign up to this event by sending an email to

When you sign up for this event, you'll receive an email with payment information. When payment is received, we will send you more details on how to prepare, as well as some questions about your current level of experience with computers or smartphones, in order to adjust the class to fit your needs.

A note from Peter

When I resently noticed that some one on Facebook and other Socialmedia used Livestreaming on their profile I could now see it's time for the Personal Livestream Era and I would like to contribute with my experience and views on it and hope it will benefit some one out there with a Workshop where you can get hands on and get the basic knowledge to make and promote your own personal and local events in a inexpensiv and easy way to basicaly reach the whole World with a Smartphone in your hand.

In 2005 I had my first smartphone from Nokia (N97m) and I got my very first experience of Livestreaming with the Bambuser App installed. Not knowing how much I gradually would use it 5 years later. I began to stream small Concerts from the band I'm playing in and I could see how easy it was to use. But it was not until I had my first iPhone 5 and saw how much better the sound og streaming quality had been improved since my first streaming on a Nokia phone.

Now I have done a lot of experiments and on a more regular basis I make Interviews, stream Concerts and have a more and more flexible mindset on where and how to use Live Streaming.

Peter, Workshop Organizer