This is lecture #7 of our Holistic Web Development – Programming Course I. The lectures can also be attended individually.

Design is communication. When at it's best, it is a tool that can stir positive emotions and make users relate to your project, idea or product. When used in a smart way, design can create recognition and attachment.

It can also work in a negative way. Bad or inconsistent design might indicate a lack of care for details, which can in turn influence the initial expectations and the deeper workings of your project even before the user gets to experience it on their own. It is true - an image can speak louder than a 1000 words.

As programmers we frequently have to work with designers, and it is essential for this collaboration to work in order to ensure the end result of a project. For that collaboration to happen, programmers can benefit from having a good design understanding – or at least have respect for good design work and the details that make it function.

After the presentation we will have an open table discussion about Design.

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