We believe that supporting creativity is essential to further a sustainable society, so we're happy to present the release of a beautiful independent music creation: Join us to celebrate the release of Ishtadi’s debut album “Cultures of Within”!

The Event

Let yourself on a nights journey, simply by the space and place, time and taste, sounds and the world it creates. Enjoy being surrounded with nice vibes, immersed in good music, food, movement and people, reminding us of our own personal natures.

Starting the evening slowly from below, rising to the dancing skies and concluding with a pulsating chill out, we make our way through an enjoyable cycle, taking the time to be ourselves - just as we wish.

The timetable:

  • 18:30 Yoga & Live Music
  • 21:00 Food & Album Introduction
  • 21:30 Ishtadi “Cultures of Within” Album Premiere
  • 22:30 Mindfeel (NO)
  • 23:00 TBA
  • 24:30 D. Tuomi
  • 03:00 Goodnight

The Space

The space & setting allows for you to take time with yourself, and to be with the community. We celebrate spaces providing opportunities to chill, relax, sleep, dance and trance into presence, each other’s and the night’s.

Yoga & Live Music

The evening begins with a Hatha Yoga Session suitable for all levels, taught by Ishtadi and accompanied by Respira’s live atmospheric soundscapes. There are yoga mats available.

'By emptying the mind and by moving the body, we become receptive, present and empty to receive and perceive the powers of life - vibration, sound, harmony and community.'

The Yoga finishes with a relaxation - a ride into Ishtaspira’s live set, that can be described as an elaborate sound realm combining nature, electronics & ethno-ambient elements.

Food & Album Introduction

After the relaxation, vegan food and organic juices by Juice Unplugged will be for sale. While we’re eating, Ishtadi will narrate his story creating the “Cultures of Within” album. Thereafter performing the entire album, including a bonus premiere of 2 unreleased tracks, coming out soon on Stingray Vision Records.

Ishtadi “Cultures of Within” Album Premiere

Taking us down, in under our own skin and inside ourselves - Ishtadi creates scape for listening to our own inner space, culture and nature. The album invites the listener inwards, creating 5 different modes of presence from ambient to meditative dance. The sound takes the ear on an extraordinary journey from bliss down into the subconscious depths, through colorful forests and vast waters of consciousness.

Almost all sounds used in the production Ishtadi has recorded in various kinds of nature, in Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Israel. The album is released the same day, on Molle Nifkin’s Sweden-based label Pom Perri Posse.

Mindful (NO)

Countering the journey downwards and in, with Mindfeel we rise high and out, bringing us to heavenly realms. Combining deep bass with melodic and uplifting synths, he creates a full body experience that sets your dreamy mind on a journey. The luscious music, a combination of personally made sounds and field recordings, let`s your mind drift away while still staying present.


We’re Increasing, rising up for a bounce to the wildest, freshest & sweetest world electronica tracks, awakening the spirit to move.

D. Tuomi (SE/FI)

We finish the journey dancing back down to earth with D. Tuomi. A Copenhagen based sound artist creating music, sound performances and interactive sound installations. His music is a never ending mixture of genres and flavours, kept open for the audience to interpret and tune into. Once you’re tuned in, you can experience a wide spectrum of dynamics; going from a relaxed meditative state towards energetic and dissolving chaos.

The core essence behind D. Tuomi’s art is the authenticity and freedom of sounds because the Live setup is rarely the same and varies with instruments, installations, microphones, audio processors and a wide selection of sampled sounds. Every performance is improvised and affected by the social and physical space, the audience and the present interactions.

and More

There will be visuals by the Acid Fractal Crew, vegan food, Juice by Unplugged Juice and war face paint by Michaela Moon :)

Find more details in the facebook event, and be prepared to experience an amazing evening hosted by the Nature Tales Crew!

Registration and Details

Bring: Blankets & other things if you’re in the cozy mood.

Wear: The garb your travel in the best.

Price: Yoga Workshop 50,- DKK, Celebration 80,- DKK, Yoga Workshop + Celebration 120,- DKK, 20% discount for members