This is lecture #10 of our Holistic Web Development – Programming Course I. The lectures can also be attended individually.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allows us to separate the visual presentation from our content by applying a generalized set of design rules, which can be applied across all the pages of a website.

In this event we will dive into the deep end of the CSS pool. We will look at the more advanced CSS3 properties and selectors, that allows us to build even more elegant CSS with a smaller footprint and how to enhance your pages with simple CSS animations.

We will show you how to write safe, recyclable CSS, that is easy to maintain and talk about what to use and what to avoid and not least where it works and which problems can come from applying inconsistent or excessive CSS. We will also share our insights on the CSS inheritance system and priority model.

After the presentation we will have an open table discussion about CSS.

Free for members.

50,- DKK drop-in.