So many of our days go by uneventful with no reason to remember them. This night will not be one of those. 

The Event

Together, we will go on a cacao journey, evolving into a free dance party, connecting deeply with ourselves and each other.

Be ready to dance, be vulnerable, to breathe, to lose yourself, to find yourself, to find others, to be quiet, to be wild.

This event is a collaboration between Nature Tales (Jakob Ahlers), Move Copenhagen (Nicolas Sibani), Urtehekserier (Rosanna Damstoft), and Jude Lawrence.

Doors close at 6pm. Please arrive by 5pm for the full journey.

The Hosts

Nicolas teaches movement, with a foundation in AcroYoga and Thai Yoga Massage, and branching into yoga, improvisation, and self expression through movement. All with a strong emphasis on a playful, informal approach, while at the same time ensuring a strong technical foundation. He's an active community organiser, and currently the (joint) head of MoveCopenhagen.

Nature Tales Journeys to your Nature A community, founded by Ishtadi & Respira connecting people with their own Nature’s. Through various practises awakening the body, fused with live music, the mind naturally quiets down and leaves space for the simple presence - the now. We create chill out spaces with modern body centred experiences and tools like Sound Baths, Yoga and free dance, supporting feeling oneself. By breathing, moving, meditating, studying, eating, cooking & cleaning together we feel the unity of being humans alone and together. Nature Tales production is based in Denmark, Copenhagen, and we have our retreat center; Arunachala Sound Temple in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. At the same time we’re travelling organizing Conscious Parties, Celebrations, Yoga & Sound Healing Workshops, Chill Out Stages at Festivals and workshops for business’ institutions and schools.

Jude Lawrence is a poetry lover, writer, facilitator and mystic who likes engaging people in reflective and experimental conversations. His own work is inspired and influenced by Rumi, David Whyte, and the poetic tradition of Zen and can be found and followed on Instagram @judelawrenc

Rosanna is a co-creator and calls herself a Herbal witch (Urtehekserier). She is educated from Urteskolen (The Herb School), a Danish school that teaches about natural herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals and food in connection with the body and the mind. The good life is her passion.

Registration and Details

Limited spaces. Please sign up and pay in advance. Mobile pay Rosanna on 27582157. If you don’t have MobilePay, send a text to Rosanna, and we will figure it out!


  • 200,- DKK, 50% discount for members 
  • 150,- DKK for students and unemployed