Mirja Klippels music is melodic and poetic, evoking an intimate space that is carried forward by her compelling voice and acoustic guitar. Backed by her musical partner Alex Jønssons vocals and electric guitar, seeing the duo live is a unique and profound experience where you find yourself drawn in by the alluring atmosphere and the subtle songs.

Listen to a live version of 'superior' that gives you real goosebumps!

With “River of Silver” Mirja Klippel has created an album which is derived from the close and personal yet also touches on universal topics such as social injustice, whilst leaving hope for a better future. So where should she play if not at think.dk!?

You can hear more of the music here.

The event

Music is not just entertainment. It has the ability to induce feelings, to inspire and to connect people. That’s why once a month we enrich our rooms with beautiful sounds and inspiring lyrics, supporting independent musicians to share their talent and reach a community that is interested in musical art outside the big business.

We don’t limit the bandwidth through focusing on specific genres – anything can happen. We support all kinds of soul-touching sounds that deserve a platform with good intentions. We want to induce reflection, give room for active listening and support the inner balance of our audience by encouraging them to use all senses and experience what happens in the moment.

Take the time to consciously listen and embrace the art that is served to you. Join the dialogue with the artist, who are sharing their creations right in front of you, in the most cozy living-room atmosphere, and connect with other open-minded guests over an organic beer or glass of wine from our bar.

Registration and Details

Please make sure to get your ticket in advance!

We have a small bar with local beers and organic wine, and you can also get a few snacks there. 

Price: 138,- DKK, members can bring a friend for free! Get your ticket via the LowFi-Platform!