Wobbly tires, rusty chain or rattling screens?

As most Copenhageners you probably spend several hours on your bike every week. It's likely your bike has a defect or two, which should have been fixed years ago, but having it fixed at the shop, leaves you bikeless for several days. So you wait until it breaks completely and you don't have any other choice.

Maybe you are feeling a bit lost when it comes to repairing you own bike? You shouldn't. 99% of all bikes are very simple mechanical machines which can easily be repaired by you - if you know which screw does what and where.

That is why we are hosting a community bicycle repair workshop. Bring your bike and we'll help YOU fix it.

When you know how fix your own bike, it can be an almost ZEN like experience to ride it. You might even want to take that detour through the park now. It's a nice break – you should.

In case the weather might have a demotivating effect on your plans to get your bike fixed - in case the sun is hiding we'll just do it inside! We have enough space for everyone's bike, and we'll also serve some hot tea :) Looking forward to have you around!

Free for members.

59,- DKK drop-in.