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What we are currently experiencing is a historic event on a global scale – and as with so many historic events, we have the opportunity to decide on the future path of our society. 

"What matters is that we get present to our inner reality and rise above the fear. This isn’t a time to put your head in the sand or numb out. It’s an opportunity for a massive awakening."- Jana Roemer

The power we have lies in choosing how we spend our time. The following manifesto is our commitment to how we will make use of it:

  1. We reflect about our life, by asking ourselves: What do we want from the future, and what do we need to change to get there?
  2. We practice physical distancing, not ‘social distancing’. We maintain and expand our social networks and local communities by utilizing all options that allow us to connect with others.
  3. We don’t buy into fear-mongering. We research & validate the sources we share related to this pandemic.
  4. We offer our help to those in need. A small gesture can mean a lot to many – if we have the capacity, we share our energy with others.
  5. We spend our money wisely. We limit general consumption to what we actually need, and we support local & independent initiatives and cultural actors as much as possible.
  6. We confront our fears and welcome the feelings that emerge. We stay present, instead of getting lost in escapes like Netflix, drugs or gaming.
  7. We educate ourselves. Now is the time to learn something new, and there are endless resources available online.
  8. We let go of material possessions. We declutter our homes, and pass things on to people in need. 
  9. We treat our bodies well. We invest time in sourcing, preparing and consuming food that is good for us, and we exercise on a daily basis.
  10. We practice couch activism. By signing petitions, sharing information, joining online events and demanding action from our politicians we maintain an agenda that creates a better future for humanity.

Let us NOW build the foundation that can carry a more collaborative, sustainable and human system. We hope we can count on you.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” - Edmund Burke