Let's all be honest for a moment. Honest and open for just 5 minutes while you read this manifest.

Corporate Black Friday sucks. It is going against everything this planet needs. If you are to participate, you are likely to buy a lot of shit you really don't need – just because it's on sale. And you'll waste your precious time in the process. It's all about keeping us short-term happy and busy in the malls, just far enough ahead to not spoil the Christmas sales. And for just two seconds imagine how much money the companies are spending in advertising this outdated overconsumption event. Phew. That alone is making us sick.

It truly is a Black, Black Friday.

We (should) all know that feeding the Affluenza doesn't do us any good. But I kinda like the term. Black Friday. Could it be the bad conscience day?

Black Friday is the bad conscience day.

The day where we repent and make up for the bad deeds of our collective past. Where we are reminded of the wrongdoings we took part in by keeping silent (and going shopping). The day where we enforce awareness on our wastefulness and arrogance, on the expelled, the suppressed and the outed. The alienation, overconsumption and indifference awareness day. The day where we actively make up for over consuming, simply by not doing it. In both the global and the local communities. We all have something to make up for - whether on a personal or a collective level.

Black Friday is the giving it back day.

It's the day where you don't go shopping for more stuff, unless you really, really need it. The day where you sort through your things. When you become aware of how much unused stuff you already have in the storage. Lighten your burden (and your heart) by bringing it to the local shelter or swap market. Perhaps you have a local sharing community that's looking for exactly what you have and never use. Or you can give it away on Facebook – there are groups for giving stuff away. If you didn't know that, then this is the day where you find your local group. Or you bring it to the recycling station if that's all it is good for. At least the materials will be put back to use that way.

Black Friday is the lost connection day.

This is the day where you invite someone home for dinner. Could be someone you don't know – a less fortunate family or even a homeless person, if you have the courage in your heart. Could also just be friends you haven't found time to see for too long. Home cook the meal and be pleased with the effort of making this world better. And don't be shy or scared – though we are wildly different individuals in this world, individuals are surprisingly friendly and nice, at the lowest levels of society as well as the highest. Especially when met with generosity and openness. But also remember, this is not about you getting rewarded for your effort or you enforcing your point of view on someone else. It's Black Friday after all. The bad conscience day.

Black Friday is the atonement day.

On this day we extend our apologies. Even if it's not all our fault we probably played a part and sometimes being right comes at too high a price (even if it's on sale). It's the day where we take the hands of our loved ones and admit that maybe we've been too busy to pay due attention to their needs and show them that we care – without spending money. Or the day where we admit that maybe we just don't want the same things. This day is about admitting we've been afraid, shy, stubborn or proud. Because we all are at least one of those things.

Let's take this distracting, consumerist event and turn it around. Make it all about awareness and togetherness. Make it something to be proud of. Something worth talking about.

Do at least one of these things on Black Friday. Then YOU have helped make this world a better place. And we promise you'll save more money doing this, than at any Corporate Black Friday event.

On Saturday you can go back to your old habits.