Today, teenagers face a highly competitive society that places great demands on everyone - and with climate crisis, refugees, inequality and stress on top, it can quickly become an unmanageable cocktail. Therefore, we have developed an alternative confirmation concept, which will revive and update the transition ritual from child to early adult. This transition is perhaps the most important in our lives - and the complexity of this chaotic world places even higher demands on all of us. We humans leave a world where the next generation has to clean up after us - dressing them properly is the least we as parents can do.

We want to create a space for young people, where they can be better prepared for life as a young adult in a safe and free environment!

The purpose of the course is to engage young people and to expand their understanding of themselves and the world - through conversations and experiences - rooted in a strong understanding of holistic sustainability, recognizing that our lives must also have a better balance if we are to make a positive difference. Based on the traditional confirmation rituals, we have developed a program where young people can learn vital skills such as :

  • To deal with the many distractions of everyday life.
  • To get tools that make them stronger as individuals.
  • To gain an understanding of the consequences of their actions.
  • To gain insight into the earth's ecosystems.
  • To make contact with their creative side.
  • To develop relation competences.
  • To communicate effectively and honestly.
  • To relate to what they believe in and why.

Our curriculum for 'Citizens of the World' is designed as a constructive and perspective-expanding journey, where the individual topics not only increase the young people's understanding of themselves and the world and the interaction between the two, but also create interest and relevance for the subsequent topics.


Up and running - the third course is finishing in May 2023. Third course for 2023/24 is is open for signups.

Occasional openings for new contributors.

More information (in Danish)


Martin Kæstel Nielsen