No time for change because you have a family? Just bring them!

Your partner shares the same values like you? Congratulations! Also, our kids are the reason why this world needs change, so why not let them help already?

You'll get:

  • Newsletter
  • Account
  • Free access to regular events
  • 20% Discount
  • Library of things
  • Work space
  • Meeting space
  • Event hosting

And all of this for you, your wife/husband or life partner and kids. 

The Family-membership also allows you to host up to 4 events per month! This won't cost you anything unless you charge a ticket fee for it. In that case, you pay a share of the ticket income to the Center:

  • 20 % of each ticket sold to non-members
  • 20% of each ticket sold to members of with a 'Changer' membership
  • For tickets sold to members of with an 'All In'- or 'Family'-Membership, you do not pay any share of the ticket price to

You have to notify about the amount of sold tickets / charged fees until one week after you hosted an event and will then receive an Invoice from us.

Our repertoire is continuously growing and changing, so expect new inspiration on a regular basis - or even start inspiring people yourself!

Please note: The Center can ask for proof of family connection if in doubt.