Welcome to a celebration of a free moving body and being - join us for an evening with 1.5h Yoga & 1.5h Centered Movement Workshop & Free Dance!

About the event 

Through Hatha Yoga, we open our breaths and states of being.
Be inspired to connect with your mind and your presence, immersed in Respira’s live electronic organic soundscapes with guitar and percussion. The Yoga is for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

After the Hatha Yoga, our states of being will be loose and natural and we will be able to connect with our thoughtless innate movements, our physical intuition. Here we will work with Centered Movement techniques, to stay focused in the natural state of being.

Come, feel free, express yourself & be.

Please come 15minutes before, on an empty stomach, in loose and natural clothes. There will be provided yoga mats, snacks & tea.

After the session we will stay around for tea, food & a chat. Do bring snacks too, which we can share.

About Centered Movement

A fun and engaging body-mind discipline; merging yoga, meditation & dance into one flowing unfolding process. Navigating naturally with the desires of the body, rather than mental constructs, we become continuously, emotionally and physically aware of life’s movements, connecting with the inborn intuition of our own nature. With free and aware body movements, we learn how to navigate our daily lives, remaining more centered & harmoniously balanced within ourselves. We dive into the underlying of parts of our human existence, by becoming aware of our feelings, our emotions, our inner crosspoints of energy & the influences from the elements.

About Nature Tales

A community connecting us with Nature, through learning about our own personal Natures. Using techniques from yoga, breathwork, meditation & various dance disciplines, we create a unique melting pot - stirring together personal growth experiences - to the sounds of live music & worldly electronic music, breathing together the beat of life in and out.

We look forward to breathe, move and be with you!

Namaste, Jakob (Ishtadi) & Markus (Respira)

About the hosts

Ishtadi means purification of the senses in Sanskrit; the prerequisite of being absorbed in presence. Since age 15 Ishtadi has taught Hatha & Tantric Yoga, along with Pranayama, Meditation & his Centered Movement dance system throughout the world. Having spent several years in India studying with the Yoga & Meditation masters, he has grown a vast knowledge of several ancient traditions & practices. Apart from performing Live Healing Soundscapes & producing music, he DJ’s World & Ethnic Electronic Dance Music, making us move internally and externally.

Respira explores atmospheric realms interweaving organic sounds and deep other-worldly scapes together with guitar & percussions. Merging spherical dubs, with pulsating beats he activates the heart and body, moving the mind comfortably towards the inner dimensions, perfect for yoga & other body, breath & mind work.

Registration and details

Price: 120,- DKK, 50% discount for members of think.dk & Nature Tales (become a member for free at the entrance). Free for Tinkuy members.

You can just drop in - no need to get a ticket in advance.