Although more women than ever are now active as leaders, glass ceilings continue to exist and gender stereotypes live on in the back of people’s minds.

How can we navigate as female leaders in the field of expectations between masculine and feminine leadership (army/family model)? What could a third model be that would inspire both male and female leaders?

Exploring our collective history of female leadership can lead to some valuable insights.


Are you asking yourself some of the bigger questions? - How can gender inequality be resolved constructively? What could the educational system look like in the future? How can we make the biggest impact on climate change?

We will use the systemic constellation method, but instead of using it for individuals (as in family constellations) we will explore the bigger collective challenges that we face (world constellations).

Details and Registration

The sessions are free of charge as we see them as a collective contribution to healing our ways of living. We recommend a donation of 30-150 kr. per session depending on your income, which will go directly to

Please register via Meetup:

About the host

Beate Willma is a multi-trained Coach and Facilitator of the Systemic Constellation Method, with which she fell in love the moment she met it. She facilitates individual clients and groups through and workshops on money constellation at

Beate developed the World Constellation concept based on different events she offered at, and we assure you the experiences and insights we get from it are absolutely amazing!

When she doesn't work as a coach and facilitator, Beate walks her talk as a musician, conductor and producer of new classical music.