The question of vaccination and disease prevention is a hotly debated topic. We are divided in opinions and we are desperate to find the right answers. In my opinion there is not one correct answer that can fit for all. This event is not about taking sides but about looking into the choices that are available. Don't you agree that only an informed choice can be the right choice?

By connecting bio-physics (modern medicine) with bio-energetics (new science of energy medicine) we can find new options to preventing acute and chronic diseases and greatly help our own natural healing responses of the body. Conventional medicine has provided us with a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology of the body and bio-energetic science has build the bridge to a new understanding on how bodies work energetically. We will try to see both aspects of physical and energetic connections, compare and comprehend the values of both sides and try to see two sides as a holistic one. In this way we can have valuable information to make the best choice.

On this workshop we shall look into natural immunity under the light of bio energetic science and homeopathy. I will explain the bio-energetic theory of energy production in the body and its relation to our immune system.

Our guest Christian Andersen, a well known Danish homeopath with 50 years of experience, will share his knowledge about the role of homeopathy in maintaining good health. He will also tell us about homeopathic options for vaccines.

In detail, we will look at the following questions:

  • What is natural immunity?
  • How do immune systems work - from the perspective of bio-physics (modern medicine), bio-energetics (energy medicine) and homeopathy?
  • What are the options we have in maintaining our immune system and keeping it in the best possible shape?
  • Is there an homeopathic option for vaccinations?
  • Which remedies exist that help to prevent diseases and build immunity?

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We welcome a debate on pros and cons of alternative treatments – we host this event to share personal experiences and enable people to make better decisions in their own life. We are all different individuals – we believe we all need individual health care options which are aligned with our personal beliefs.