Today's demand for natural food supplements is rapidly increasing. Efficient marketing has made us believe that we can "buy good health" in the form of a pill from the store. But does that even work?

In our society today it is illegal to claim that a natural product can cure a disease – this is the privilege of prescribed pharmaceutical medicine. So if we want an alternative approach to health problems, most of us are relying on googled information until we choose what "feels right" to us, without fully understanding the scientific background of how or why it works.

Olga, a holistic therapist and member of, thinks that profit is the reason why natural health is more about marketing and less about encouraging us to use our own internal resources. To make a (bigger) profit, manufacturers will put increasing efforts into convincing us about the necessity of their product and the potential health risks becomes secondary. They have absolutely no interest in teaching us to heal ourselves. This is especially critical when it comes to babies and toddlers.

As a holistic therapist, Olga is receiving more and more patients suffering from the wrong use of both chemical medicine and natural supplements. They are affected by the belief that when we are not well we need to take SOMETHING to get well – and most of us forget that every cell in our body has been programmed with the wisdom of ultimate survival and most of the time we just need to enable it to heal itself.

Olga decided to make this workshop to share how everyone can tune into the wisdom of the body during health crises and disease - and how parents can help their babies and toddlers to be healthy without feeding them pills and drops.

The Workshop will be about:

  • Responding to acute conditions with natural defense of the body
  • "X factor" – suppressed resources within your body
  • Symptoms in children: when to relax and when to be alarmed?
  • Healing with wisdom – it is meant to be!

Olga is a holistic therapist with 30 years of practical experience in bio-energetic medicine, TCM, medical diets and nutritional sciences.

Price: 100,- DKK - get your ticket via Billetto!