The Education Work Group decided to take action and test a first prototype of our School of the Future during the lockout in April!

We did some pre-work in the last workshops, looking at different education models out there and identifying what we know - and what we don't (yet). Now it's time to get our hands dirty!

The government announced a potential lockout from the 10th of April due to the workers unions announcing a strike. This means loads of schools will be closed. So we decided to help out, while showing how we think education should look like in the future!

This workshop is for the active members of the Education Workshop to draft ideas of how the pop-up school will look like and develop a plan for the first lockout week.

We invite everyone else to spread the word to teachers, parents and anyone else who might be interested to join the pop-up school to come - it's gonna be super exciting, and we'll share more news here very soon!