A women's sharing circle is about coming together with our authentic selves and powerful stories with no labels or judgment. We gather the many beautiful and unique faces of women to celebrate our collective identity as a multi-dimensional sisterhood

About the event

This is an opportunity to take off the titles of attentive mom, strong businesswoman, high-achieving student, dutiful wife, etc. And instead, discover who you are underneath it all.

You can expect your deepest expression to be fully heard, enjoy partner activities to expand your self-awareness, meet other sisters from the heart, shared group experiences that invoke sisterhood, and a more meaningful perspective on what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

Each circle has a theme for us to focus on. Some previous ones include: Boundaries, Sex (the taboo, norm, and sacred), The Journey of Womanhood, Navigating Relationships, and Mapping Our Emotions, Comparison & Competition, Self-Love Practices.

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What to expect:

  • Opening Circle
  • No-judgment verbal sharing throughout
  • Active and compassionate listening
  • Solo & Partner activities that expand self-awareness and deep connection
  • Shared group experiences that invoke sisterhood
  • Closing circle

About the Hosts

Jocelyn Lee, Founder & Co-Facilitator

Jocelyn Lee is a spiritual guide, facilitator, mystic and humble healer of the human spirit. She shares her wisdom through her Live Deep Lee platform and her Mystic Messages newsletter. As a spiritual guide, reiki master, crystal healing practitioner, yin yoga teacher, and gong master she is experienced in guiding others in finding their inner hidden truths. Deep living, loving, relating and being is her passion. Check out her Facebook Page & Instagram to follow her latest events.

Liya Soulsound, Co-Facilitator

Liya Soulsound has been on the journey of self-discovery and finding self-love for years. Her passions are emotional healing work, relaxing body work, women’s well-being, healthy sensuality and inner child work. She is a certified practitioner of the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT), an emotional healing and self – development process created by Evette Rose and a Swedish Massage Therapist certified by the International Massage Academy, Budapest. Find her on her FB page Li ya, on Instagram or via her YouTube channel or blog.

Registration and Details

This circle is free, donations supporting the think.dk center are always welcome. The circle welcomes all who identify as women of any culture, ethnicity, and background.

If you can, bring a snack/drink to share with your sisters! Please rsvp if you are coming so we can have the right amount of materials prepared.

Please follow the Women's Sharing Circle Facebook & Instagram page for updates.

Come join our sisterhood!