An evening of sisterhood to share our challenges and victories in a compassionate and non judgmental space. Come as yourself and feel the nourishing support together as women.


Traditionally, women would gather together in sisterhood to re-calibrate, incubate, dream, slow down and reconnect with themselves and each other. This kind of support is rare due to our fast-paced, competitive and high pressured lives. Often we can feel depleted after a lot of doing and giving to others, but not a lot of nurturing and refilling of ourselves.

Often we need a break to take off the titles of attentive mom, strong business woman, high-achieving student, dutiful wife and whatever else we carry everyday - to simply come back to ourselves and be supported through whatever we are feeling. The challenges and successes of a woman is best empathized and celebrated amongst other sisters.

And so, we are starting a monthly Women’s Sharing Circle. A safe and non-judgemental space to simply just be ourselves. That means we can share whatever we are experiencing in the presence of understanding and compassionate eyes and ears. The intention is to allow our feminine nature to flourish, and to welcome each other’s vulnerabilities, insecurities, challenges - as well as our victories, achievements and moments of celebration.

This is an informal yet intimate space and time shared together, where there are no expectations of what you must say or how you must be. We simply invite you to come be part of a sisterhood where you will be seen, heard, loved, held and celebrated for who you are.