Men, are you frustrated with the changing moods, unpredictability and unreliability of women? Is your motto "No woman, No Cry"? Or you just put up with your woman's moods for the sake of peace but secretly desiring more transparency, honesty, care and of course SEX from her?

Women, are you tired of being labeled moody, hormonal, unpredictable and unreliable? Are you single who is secretly desiring to find the ONE but afraid that your prince soon after will turn into the next frog in your life?

Or you feel misunderstood and misjudged by the man in your life and that pisses you off leading to resentment and silent treatment with bursts of uncontrolled cry or anger?

Intimate relationships can be the most satisfying and heavenly experience on Earth but it can also easily turn into nightmare, drama and resentment towards the opposite gender.
How do we close the communication and understanding gap between men and women?
How do we bring more empathy and less conflict in our relationships?
How do we keep the sexual sparkle of attraction shining when we are in a long term relationship?
How do we avoid apathy, boredom and daily routine from ruining our soulmate connection?

WHAT are you going to LEARN & EXPERIENCE?

⭕ Practical tool to map out the 4 phases of the inner journey each woman goes through monthly and which impacts her hormones, emotions, mental state, sex drive, etc. (basically everything);

⭕ Open space for active listening, discussion, finding common solutions and win-win alternatives;

⭕ Some serious MYTH Busting for both genders, which can bring more clarity, empathy and respect for each other;

⭕ Practical and interactive exercises.

About the event

For WHOM is this workshop for?

For every WOMAN or MAN who:

❤️ is single and desire to be in a healthy intimate relationship;

❤️ is already in a committed relationship but want to deepen the connection and smooth out the miscommunication and misunderstanding;
❤️ want to improve their understanding of the opposite gender;
❤️ want higher levels of equality, empathy, mutual support and love in their intimate and close relationships.

TESTIMONIALS from participants in previous workshops:
"Mindblown! Everyone needs to learn this and the impact will be huge!" A.M.

"This is the best gift that you can give to yourself." L.T.

"Every woman should be familiar with her nature and how to turn the so called vulnerability into her power!" T.H..

"It's very important for women to get more info about their nature, to build confidence and feel good about themselves so we all can thrive. Thank you! Diana is awesome!" B.S.

About the Host

Diana Z Petrova has a Global Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Health and her work is dedicated to women's sustainable physical, emotional and mental health & well-being. She has been working with women on different sustainable lifestyle & health projects for the last 8 years, organizing and facilitating workshops, lectures and health interventions in Denmark, India, Taiwan and Bulgaria. Her holistic approach is to integrate solid scientific knowledge with the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.

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Registration and Details


50 kr for members and 100kr for non-members.

You can Mobilepay on 20 68 69 53. The payment is not refundable. You can however sell your ticket to a friend. If you do so, please inform Diana (the facilitator). There are max 20 spots available!!on info, price and other details here]