We ask that you show consideration for the current Covid situation in regards of social distancing rules, masks, sanitizing hands etc.

As the rings in the waters of the entheogen wave are expanding on a global scale, we wish to create a safe space for the dialogue about psychedelic substances and matters in relation to their rising popularity.

Wake Collective is currently launching a Harm Reduction initiative in Copenhagen to de-stigmatize the dialogue about drugs, psychedelic substances and their use in modern times. We are currently an array of therapists, nurses, chemists, artists, social workers, former addicts, teachers and more, working to set up a free space for this "conversation". (We hope to reach a point where we may offer a drug test service as well).

In this Salong event with the danish psychiatrist and brain scientist; David Erritzøe, we will talk about micro-dosing, current psychedelic research, and where we are with the psilocybin research initiative on the national hospital of Denmark.

  • 17.30 THINK - Doors open informally (socialize, drink tea).
  • 18.30 SALONG Doors open formally - Welcome
  • 19.00 SALONG PART 1: Introduction & conversation
  • 20.15 Break
  • 20.30 SALONG Part 2: Cultural intermission + conversation

This event is free, but we have limited capacity. You can secure a chair, by giving a donation at the door. Reserve your entry by the ticket link on Facebook (will be released in a few days).


#1: Questions and inquiries are welcome at the Q&A session after SALONG PART 2. We will only do a few questions from the audience, but you may also drop individual questions in our event question box available in front of the stage.

We will answer any entheogen-related question you may have to the best of our capability, either during the event (you remain anonymous) or after by mail.

Only questions in the box with a mail address will receive an answer by mail naturally).

You may ask in advance and with discretion here: rasmus@thankyouplantmedicine.com

#2: We ask that you respect current law. It is illegal to consume / facilitate contact to / promote or sell any illegal substances. Please respect this for the safety and future of this event, the venue and your fellow participants.

#3: We do not refer to or promote specific healing retreats or similar at this event. Anybody in need or search of such information will go through a screening process. See #1

#4: We ask a small donation in the door to cover our expenses as well as to help support our harm reduction mission + sending assistance to the Amazon forest.

What is your story?

Do you believe in the importance of de-stigmatizing this dialogue and are you like us, interested in sharing your journey of healing and transformation in a sober and honest way? We are compiling ambient soundscapes and personal stories of healing with the sacred medicines.

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