After a remodeling in the group, Urban Sustainability Copenhagen is back for starting an event series together with

This time we will listen to Roberta Elemi Vasnic, a passionate urban designer with a career focused on improving the quality of urban life, biophilic urban regeneration and holistic design. 

Roberta not only travels around the world investigating and documenting public life, but also tries to implement her research aiming to re-orientate city design towards a lively, sustainable and healthier urban realm. Through her presentation, Roberta investigates how Bristol’s city center can become more people-friendly, what it means to design for the human scale and the relationship between the built environment and life. Her research is an introduction to a new way of recording and understanding the importance of public life in an urban context.

She argues that the liveliness of our streets lays onto maximizing social exchange- where people meet accidentally and intentionally, travel needs, biodiversity, diversity of activities, all culminating in a human ecosystem.

About Urban Sustainability Copenhagen

"Be the change you wish to see in the World"

We are a community of seekers, changemakers and dreamers who wish to live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city-life.

All the things about:

Conscious consuming, Minimalism, Zero Waste, Circular economy, Sustainable communities, Renewable energy, Self sustaining, Low impact life, Urban gardening and more.

Additionally, we will discuss potential actions to engage towards a more sustainable society, and organize action groups to act accordingly. Whether you are an enthusiast about sustainability and would like to join our efforts to create a more sustainable society, or you would like to socialize, meet new people and learn about sustainability, you are welcome to join our community.

The Urban Sustainability Copenhagen organizing committee invites YOU to tell your story and inspire others on how you try to make this World greener and liveable.

Registration and Details

The event is FREE OF CHARGE. We only ask for your positive energy :)

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