Urban Sustainability Copenhagen - The movement of change

Urban Sustainability Copenhagen is back for a discussion event at the Think.dk center for sustainability.

Do you feel concerned about the climate crisis we are facing and its impacts on nature and our society?
Do you believe that the change should come from each one of us and not just from the governments?
Are you motivated to share your experiences, ideas and to act towards a “greener” city?

If so, this event is for you! Join our community and our efforts to inspire others. Let us be part of the change. Together!

We will host a social evening aimed for debate, ideation, and to develop and organize actions for promoting a more sustainable society.

Whether you are an enthusiast about sustainability or you would like to socialize and meet like-minded people, join us for an inspirational evening.

About the Host

We are a group of young people who are enthusiastic about sustainability and aim to promote a more sustainable society

Registration and Details

The event is FREE OF CHARGE. We only ask for your positive energy.