About the event

Hello fellow men (and women). 

Would you like to:

- Meet the woman of your dreams?
- Improve your dating skills?
- Learn how to approach women that you like?
- Strengthen your relationship?
- Boost your social skills to build intimacy that lasts?

In these workshops you will learn:

- How to attract the kind of woman you want.
- How setup a good date and handle in between dates.
- How men and women react and communicate differently.
- How to be more aware of what you seek and how you show up.
- How to be and show more confidence.

My goal with these workshops is improve your understanding of romantic attraction, whether you seek to improve your flirting, dating or your relationship skills. It is your birthright to have people around you that excite you and are excited by you. You will learn how to build intimacy that lasts and give you more romantic options. I want you to become a stronger man for the women out there in Copenhagen.

At the center of this philosophy is an understanding of the masculine and the feminine energies that both reside within all of us and the sexual polarity that draws them to one another. Attraction is not a choice; mother nature took care of this already! It is but revealed, and sexualized, when polarity is present. All while remaining who you truly are inside. Because guess what: It is not about your looks - it’s about your vibe! This is not about tricks, quick fixes, manipulation or magic bullets. It is about understanding what we respond to, consciously and subconsciously, and molding this understanding to create a better version of ourselves and vibrate on a different level. The tools presented are primarily aimed towards men, but both men and women are very welcome.

The workshops are also about how your own thoughts and how the quality of your life reflects on how you show up in these interactions. Are you conscious about what you desire in a partner? Are you conscious about your missions and goals? Are you conscious about the people you attract and the ‘filters’ you let them through? Are you conscious about what you really communicate with your body language, words and stories? Are you aware of how differently men and women usually communicate and how to overcome this barrier effectively?

How we will work

In this first event (1), we will primarily work on how to meet, date and maintain the attraction. As I am a teacher in my everyday job, I cannot help myself to think that listening only makes you absorb 7-8% on the information presented. Therefor apart from the sitting and listening, I will engage you in personal exercises based on your own thoughts and experiences, group work (to the degree that you feel comfortable of course), case-studying and put together concrete plans for when you walk out of here. If you are a man, you might be interested in a step-by-step on how to approach a woman you don’t know, how to set up a good date and how to progress to the relationship stage. If you are a woman, this will help you recognize which kind of men you are dealing with early on and maybe give you a better understanding of what you are attracted to.

Questions you might have asked yourself

  • How can I find and attract the partner of my dreams?
  • How do I even go about organizing a great date?
  • Do you sometimes feel insecure before or during a date?
  • How come I go on several dates but can’t seem to progress, especially with women I really like?
  • Why do things sometimes go sideways when it started off well? Ghosted?
  • Where are the real men at? How can I avoid men that are bad for me?
  • I don’t get it, he’s perfect on paper, but it’s just not ‘clicking with him’?
  • What if the premises of my life don’t allow me to attract a good partner?
  • Today’s movies/tv shows usually show a certain type of guy in the romantic chasing – does it work in real life?

About the Host

Thierry is a relationship coach who turned his romantic life around years ago when things didn’t work out as he wanted. The information presented is based on  self-help, relationship and leadership literature (sources presented at the event) and from years of accumulated experiences in the dating and relationship world.

Thierry is 32 of age, half Danish and French and currently in a relationship. He has been a teacher for middle school children for the last 12 years, currently running a project on training assertiveness among teenage girls. He is also the founder of a small organizational company and obsessed with self-development and the fascinating world of dynamics between human beings.

Registration and Details

50,- DKK for non-members of Think.dk. 50% off for members.  Snacks, coffee and drniks offered. Mobilepay ahead of time on 53 65 81 13. Maximum of 12 people.

If you have questions regarding the event you can contact me at d.thierry@gmail.com (put "Understanding Attraction" in the subject bar). Feel free to write if you have questions or doubts.

The event will be in english.