From the very beginning community dinners was a cornerstone of It was a place to meet other open hearted people and old friends. Eat food you have never tried before and talk with strangers like you had know them all your life. With room for big topics and lighthearted conversations.

On November 3rd we will be hosting a last community dinner. A celebration of what we had, what we have and what will be next. A celebration of you. A chance to see each other again, exchange accumulated hugs and smiles, that should have been exchanged long ago. The Last Supper – at least for now.

Everyone is invited.

As our customs dictate, it will be a shared dinner – everyone brings a dish, drink or dessert to the shared table. Combined it is always a feast with something for everyone. Be vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or meatonlytarian – we don't mind, as long as you bring to share. We urge you to consider choosing ingredients that have been cared well for – and make note of them, so contents information can be shared appropriately with others, who might be selective in terms of what they eat.

The core of this evening is sharing food. So please don't come with empty hands! If you don't feel comfortable with cooking, you can bring a bottle of wine, some bread, fruit or a simple dessert. We don't plan in details, as the random mix of food always turns out great.

We're looking forward to hanging out with you all! Feel free to join late or leave early - we will be happy to see you anyways <3