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"We are set up to be emotionally dysfunctional by our role models, both parental and societal. We are taught to repress and distant our own emotional process. We are trained to be emotionally dishonest when we are children." 'Codependence, The dance of the wounded soul' by Robert Burney

Working with our inner child is one of the principal keys to sustainable happiness, balanced emotional health and deeper more profound loving relationships with yourself and others.

This workshop will take you on a journey of re-union with your inner child. It will give you a set of tools that you can use in the daily life that will enable and empower your inner child and yourself. We will use a variety of techniques and breathwork to deepen the journey and liberate and heal the wounds that our inner child still carries.

If you are looking:

  • for greater happiness or contentment
  • to understand/feel a love like no other
  • to remove the codependent hooks from all your relationships
  • for an integrated and balanced union of all the parts of our internal self
  • for healing and integration of your inner child
  • for deeper compassion towards yourself and others

then this is the workshop for you!

Wear: Comfortable, warm clothing

Bring: water bottle, a light lunch to share, writing pad/notebook,
you and your beautiful inner child.

Cost: This is a donation based event. You can donate money, food, services, time, assistance - whatever you want and to whatever amount you feel honours the time, space, work, effort, insights and understandings you take from this workshop. All are welcome here. (Suggested donation 900kr)

Please confirm your participation by getting a free ticket through the link above. Spaces are limited, so make sure to let us know if you change your mind so others can get your spot.

Maximum 12 participants.

If you are having problems making the booking through this website, please call or text me +45 53 63 98 88¨

What others say about this workshop

"I would express my gratitude for the workshop and for your efforts. I liked it very much.

Regarding the workshop itself, I would say that it has been a breakthrough experience for me, both for the experience of the huge release of pain and suffering I was unconsciously carrying and for receiving new tools for managing my growth.

I would say that I feel much more secure of myself, of my presence in a room with other people and less afraid of other's invading my personal psychological space. I'm also more aware of compassion and respect toward others.

Also, my background sadness seems to have decreased a lot, bringing instead serenity and peace."

Stefano Pattanaro - Copenhagen

Price: Donations (recommended donation 900kr)