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About the event

One day in the future: The sky is green and the grass is blue, knowledge is available in liquid form and we float to Peru on a Co2 positive carpet. Imagine if...

With climate change and the collapse of capitalism on the rise, it's time to shake up and rethink stiff parts of our society! Design Fiction is a great method for doing exactly that, as it allows us to broaden our horizons towards the seemingly impossible and tell stories of speculative future scenarios. The main purpose of the workshop is to transform from passive citizens to whom the future "just happens" to active creators of a future that we want to live in!

We will start of with a glimpse on mysterious historic patterns and events and will end by adding another brick (story) to the road towards a desirable future for human and nature. Let’s design futures instead of predicting them!

#Re-evaluate the NOW

#Re-set to the CORE

#Re-think the FUTURE

The crazier the fiction the better, so put your storyteller hat on and off we go!

Design Fiction tells stories of speculative scenarios through diegetic prototypes. As a design discipline, it's a blend of science fiction and design methods and was shaped by Julian Bleecker in 2009.

About the Host

After taking a course in Design Futures at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Lena has been fascinated by methods and tools that allow us to speculate about the future. By running a series of "the Future of //" workshops, she wants to challenge how we engage and think about the future and explore future design methods that merge Design, Art and SiFi. As a graduate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship she has gathered knowledge and experiences in business design and workshop facilitation and is currently working at a consultancy for meaningfulness called Voluntas.

Registration and Details

Future Design is free of charge and you don't have to bring anything other than your creative mind! Registration is not required but you are invited to send an email to lena@tuenkers-family.de and let her know that you are coming.