WHAT are you going to LEARN and what is your main TAKE AWAY?

- What are the spiritual gifts of the Feminine compared to the gifts of the Masculine and how this can be applied in your own life as a woman;

- What is Menstrual Cycle Awareness and how to use this practical tool as a spiritual practice for women;

- How your hormonal changes throughout the monthly menstrual cycle impact the flow, expression and manifestation of the Feminine energy;

- How to balance you feminine and masculine energies within yourself so it brings balance, stability, predictability and clear framework for your life, relationships and spiritual practice.

- What are the Female Archetypes/Goddesses, how they manifest through you within your monthly cycle and how to consciously tap into each one of their gifts;

- Practical exercises and tools for implementing the knowledge into daily practice;
- Written summary of the important key information.

For WHOM is this workshop for? For WOMEN who are aspired to:

- Understand how their body, mind and spirit are related and function as one powerful unit when both are aligned;

- Flow with the energy of the feminine, imprinted in their female cyclical body and mind, with wisdom and without resistance;

- Dare to shift their current male-oriented mindset into more feminine-friendly and relaxed;

- Live sustainable, holistically healthy and balanced life in harmony with the Nature and the Feminine;

- Bring balance between the Feminine and Masculine within themselves, their lives and relationships and in everything they feel inspired to engage into.

- Experience deep connection between their Spirit and their Body; Tap into their own authentic source of leadership, wisdom, intuition and power.

What MORE are you going to EXPERIENCE?

- Deeply nourishing and supportive female environment;

- Group and Individual exercises to ground the intellectual knowledge into daily practices;

- Beautiful space for sharing, connecting and networking with other women.

This workshop is part 3 of "The Art of Modern Female Empowerment (3 workshops Series)" for more info on the whole concept please look at


Part 1 is "The Art of Balancing Your Female Hormones"


Part 2 is "The Art of Sustainable Work & Flowing Creativity"


Registration and Details

You can attend all 3 workshops as a Full Package of Empowerment or you can choose which one is most relevant for your needs:

  • One workshop cost 250,- DKK, 50% discount for members
  • All three workshops cost 600,- DKK, 50% discount for members 

You can Mobilepay on 20 68 69 53 and send me a message with a tag "Your name" + "Full" (attending all 3) or "Body" (Attending in October), or "Mind" (attending in November) or "Spirit" (Attending in December). For example: "Maria Pedersen, Full". The payment is not refundable. You can however sell your ticket to a friend. If you do so, please inform Diana (the facilitator).