Do you want to learn more about the ancient art of using essential oils? Then you should not miss this workshop, where Danielle, a lovely nutritionist and Reiki practitioner, is going to introduce you to uses and benefits of organic essential oils!

Aromatic plants naturally contain essential oils, which can be extracted by means of different process that have been known for thousand of years. Different essential oils elicit different properties that are beneficial for our health. They have a wide range of applications and can be used both topically and internally… caught your interest? Then join us! 

Danielle is not only going to teach us about application methods but also to make us smell, taste and try different organic essential oils. If interested, you can bring some of them home as well! They are produced from a small fair-trade company, which follows herbs all the way from the cultivation and harvesting process until the essential oil extraction itself.

The arrangement team will offer tea and water, with a taste of delicious organic essential lemon oil. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Reserve your spot soon, the number of seats is limited. You can grab your ticket here!