All over the world, people have found healing through the plant medicines. It's time to de-stigmatize the dialogue about their true potential. This campaign is YOUR opportunity to share your gratitude to these plants.

About the event

The vision behind the campaign, held on 20.02 - 2020 across the globe, is to create a growing global awareness of the beneficial aspects of entheogens (plant medicines connecting you to the divine) such as Ayahuasca. Psilocybin mushrooms. Cannabis. Peyote. San Pedro. Iboga. As well as psychedelic-assisted therapy with other psychoactive drugs and also the importance of integrating them into mainstream society in a constructive, respectful and sustainable way. Free of stigma and all forms of discrimination.

We present a number of short individual presentations of strong healing with plant medicine from different perspectives, as well as some relevant cultural contributions along the way.
Michael Rasa - a specialist in plant medicine sound journeys will curate a fitting ambient backdrop to the sharings.

We want to showcase the vast amounts people who have found in-depth help and healing through these sacred medicines, and of course the importance of being able to integrate this experience in a good and healthy way in everyday life.

The goal is to see thousands of people emerging, both here in Denmark and around the world on social media with their stories of personal healing and transformation using the hashtag #ThankYouPlantMedicine.

Dozens of events are now being planned around the world and support for this movement is growing exponentially, with more and more members joining the movement's FB group every day. We are currently in more than 50 countries and have more than 500 volunteers helping and working in the core group.

This movement was born in response to the stigma in "normal society" about the use of psychoactive plants and therapy-assisted psychedelic therapy. We dream of a world where these substances are free of stigma and discrimination, so we can pave the way for personal and collective healing.

You are invited to join the movement in person as well as on social medias on Thursday, February 20, 2020, where we for the first time come together in ONE voice, with our stories of healing transformation using the hashtag #ThankYouPlantMedicine.
This can be used for recording videos and the like for youtube, instagram, facebook etc.

We are feeling blessed for your participation.

About the Host

WAKE & Psykedelisk Samfund 

Registration and Details

We ask for a small donation to cover the rental and expenses of the venue

1: We acknowledge Danish law and do not wish to encourage any illegal behaviour. Any trade or exchange of illegal substances are explicitly un-welcome, and you are not encouraged to bring or talk about any such exchange of these substances at this event either. Thank you in advance. We hope you understand.
2: Respect each other's privacy. Don't take pictures or videos of each other. Leave it up to the individual, where they are in their journey, and whether or not they wish to "come out".
We film along the way, but do not include faces of "the audience". Your personal "COMING OUT" video, will be available to be recorded, under the sweet and professional guidance of our volunteers.