What is digital health?

It is our ability to maintain a conscious and balanced approach to living with technology, a holistic digital lifestyle.

Humanity is exponentially merging into the digital realm, and it can be difficult to be aware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of this great change. While some changes have been positive, the negative effects require our attention and efforts to improve. Our physical body suffers from debilitating postures, our psychological health is fragmented across the world wide web, and what it means to be human is undergoing a revolution. Our complete well-being is tied to how we choose to live with the opportunities and challenges of technology.

The only way to balance this relationship is to be conscious of our use, be aware of our motivations, and learn how to proactively engage with the technology we use, live and communicate with.

Come experience and learn:

  • practical tools and tips on how to improve your physical experience with tech, including basic computer/cellphone ergonomics, better computer screen lighting and specific stretches for common computer strains.
  • how to create boundaries, change and be more conscious of our psychological relationship with social media into a positive experience that enhances our lives rather than detracts it. (ie. Knowing when Netflix & Chill is actually escapism)
  • how to empower yourself and others in the ever-changing dynamic of humanity & technology.

Please wear comfortable clothing to participate in some of the activities! Yes, you will be interacting with each other! :D

About the speaker

Jocelyn has her degree in Communications & Sociology and has a passion for exploring ways technology and people can come together in mutually positive exchanges. She's also trained in the healing arts of Reiki, crystal healing, gong sound healing and yin yoga. Being a freelancer and a recent stint as a digital nomad, creating a healthy digital lifestyle is part of everyday life.

This is a free event for everyone.