We are proud to announce that for our next talk we could win Christina Hedegaard Jørgensen to share her insights on a topic that concerns all of us at some point in our lives: childbirth!

She will share her knowledge on how to connect with empowerment while giving birth, and how you can overcome any fears connected to it.

Birth has become a frightful event with fear of pain as the highest factor. Many myths and outdated facts are circulating, and often it's a taboo to talk about the details of childbirth.

Many times, this leaves us with trusting the hospital staff, midwives and doctors as the only option - and many times, what they tell us is not necessarily the only truth.

It's about time, that we reclaim and embrace the true power in birthing. It's about time that we reconnect with the gift of empowerment. Christina will show and tell us her suggestions on how to do that!

About the Speaker

Christina is a Doula, birthcoach, writer and tv-host. You can read more about her on her website.

This event is free for everyone.