Dual summer celebration event - Men’s circle and divine Women’s circle.

To mark the coming of summer, the season finale for the think.dk Men’s circle, will be an outdoor event at Vestamager fælled.

They have asked the women from Wanda’s Divine Women’s circle to join them for this summer celebration at the shelter.

It’s a really great place located with woods on one side of it, and open plains on the other side of it. From there you will be able to see the night sky against the fire.

Jude and Bjørn will arrange a pick-up at Nørreport. And make sure everyone gets back safely.


  • 18-18.15: pickup at Nørreport by the Metro station elevator, above ground.
  • 18.15-18.30 : ride to Vestamager station together
  • 18.30-19: walk together to shelter

    -Breathing excercises to release stress and become present in nature.

    -Part of the walk will be walking in silence, listening to nature.
  • 19-21: Men’s circle and Divine Women’s circle run separately
  • Men will prep the bonfire as a part of their circle.
  • 21-22.30: social space, which is more informal, is initiated by the men welcoming in the women with a ritual gift of Cocoa and Marshmallows.                                                                                      When the first marshmallows catch fire the social space is opened ;)
  • 22.30: we put out the fire for safety reasons and walk back to the metro station in any order
  • 23-23.15: metro ride back to Nørreport

Good night ????

And good summer ☀️

All brothers and sisters !