This meetup is co-hosted by the local Live Your Legend community, so you won't only hear about our thoughts on sustainability and the need to do things differently & together, but also learn about the LYL approach and how they help people in finding & doing work that matters.

If you attend meetings regularly the group will provide accountability and help you stay on track on your trajectory toward living intentionally and making those investments to improve life step by step and face challenges with grit and intelligence.

An ideal future, in our world view, includes authenticity, generosity, and sustainability in some form and we will try to focus on doing work that matters as a way of engaging and connecting on the basis of similar values.

In order to believe in everything we do and be able to support each other our efforts need to have more upside than downside for you personally as well as humanity and the planet as a whole - whatever this looks like for us.

After a brief introduction we take turns round the table to present ourselves, our place on the journey towards doing work we are passionate about, and tap into the intelligence and support of the collective group.

It's going to be fun!