Our members are the core of the whole project, they are the main drivers of change! That's why we set up this monthly planning event. All members are welcome to join the discussion - also our curious cats! 

We welcome any input about what development steps think.dk should take, what we should consider and/or how we can increase our impact in order to support the development of society towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

You are also warmly invited to share your ideas and thoughts on what events we should add to our schedule.You can have a look at our services for inspiration, but we also welcome completely new ideas for events that don't (yet) fit in the current repertoire - as long as it fits into the scope of accelerating sustainable change, we are completely open for it.

We're looking forward to hang out with this beautiful community that is developing at think.dk!

The event has an open end, after the "official" part we'll have a pot luck dinner! Just bring one dish you want to share with everyone - it should be enough for you and maybe one more person. We don't plan, it turns out that the mix of food is always great :)

Feel free to join later or leave early - we will be happy to see you anyways <3