How do we understand a world in transition, and how do we meaningfully act in it? With a series of "regenerative sensemaking sessions" as a starting point, we invite you to come join an open space and an emerging local community where, together, we take a step back to explore hopefully enlightening perspectives and possibilities for action on the current and future states of ourselves, society, and the planet.

The meetings will initially be structured around Daniel Wahl's book "Designing Regenerative Cultures", which we’ll collectively go through chapter by chapter. Its main ideas will be outlined, and its question-based format will act as a basis for our collective, dialogue-driven exploration.

The overall concept and its goals are defined in a very loose manner to create space for what emerges from the feelings, ideas, desires and energies of the people attending.

Come by for our intro meeting, which will give us a chance to meet each other and slowly start to explore the material we’ll be dealing with. For subsequent meetings we plan to meet every third week in the late morning for 3 or 4 hours.

Registration and Details

No registration is necessary. Like subsequent Regenerative Sensemaking Sessions, the introduction is free. Donations supporting the center are always welcome.