When wee are kids, we play. But somehow when growing up we learn we need to get serious. Stop goofing around and get shit done.

But play has so much benefits: it is stress relieve, triggers creativity, gives joy and connection. It is so important to be out of the mind and really being in the here and now. It gives so much relaxation. It is such a good feeling to be really awake, and having some real connection with the people in the moment you are. Being accepted the way they are. With these workshops I want to give people some positivity, some joy, some fun and a place to connect. Let’s be in the here and now together and enjoy!

I don’t want to tell much about the exercises we are going to do, but it will be mostly group exercises or in duo’s. The rest will be a surprise!

But no worries, you don’t need any experience in anything. We are not going to play Shakespeare, neither are we going to perform a dance or sing an opera.

The Host

So hello, I am Lianne from The Netherlands! I have a bachelor in Dramatherapy. I know the benefits of play and theater. It gives a safe space to try new behavior or to learn to accept aspects inside of you.

After this I also got into clowning. I was always super fascinated by the clowns in hospitals and wanted to experience why this is so powerful. So I went full in, 2 years of an intense course and learned so much about the healing power of play. After that I followed a few more courses and realized me as a person learned so much from this beautiful craft. I became open and less afraid to be vulnerable. I also became more playful in my regular life.

Last winter I went to this Mindfulness Project in Thailand and during my time there I realized there is this beautiful connection between mindfulness and play. The here and now is for both important. It is about connecting with yourself and the people around you. Being transparent and being there for the full 100%.

I figured out I have a deep longing to teach adults how to play, be connected and be themselves, without judgement.

Registration and Details

Wear comfortable clothes you can easily move around in. Maybe some warm socks as the space is a no shoe zone. You can bring a bottle of water, but I will make sure there will be glasses and water too.

Maximum amount of people to join in is 20. You can sign up trough the Facebook Event called Playfulness Workshops at think.dk

The workshop will be twice per month. Every time we will do something new. So you can just join in all of the workshops. And at any time a new person can just decide to join in!

And the best part: The workshop is for free! I just want you all to experience this and join me in some fun!