Have your very own constellation set up on a topic close to your heart, duration max. 75'

If you have an issue in your life that has held you back from achieving your highest potential and possibly caused you pain, this is your chance to start releasing it, once and for all. 

Topics can be your relationships, your career, or any other part of your life where you keep feeling stuck no matter what you try. 

As recent research into epigenetics suggests (and family constellations seem to confirm in many cases) this kind of persistent situation can very well have its roots outside you. There is a possibility that your have adopted your inner obstacle from a parent or other family member and literally need to hand it back to where it belongs. It could also be that you are stuck with misplaces loyalties, or a similar scenario. 

In your session, we will open the space for these prehistories to surface so they can loosen their grip on you.

A constellation session can equally be used not so much to release discomfort but to totally empower you in a specific goal or development. In this case, we will gently remove possible inner obstacles and not least call in support from all over your family, including your distant ancestors.

About the event

Developed in the 1970s, the Systemic Constellation or Family Constellation Method allows you to gently access just those inner obstacles that stand in the way for your next step, no matter if they can be found in your immediate family or in generations that are long gone. This is why I use it as a means of deep coaching.

In the workshop, we will set up the client's inner situation with the help of living representatives on the floor. In this way, healing and development towards a better future is made possible through facing what is the case, reconciliation and acceptance.

When the client leaves the workshop, often their inner attitude has gained in peace and balance, so that they will interact with the outside world in a way that is more beneficial for them.  

As each workshops needs representatives (above the other clients present), I ask each client to bring 2 or more friends (or strangers) to the workshop as representatives. Please state their names when you register.  

Everyone interested is welcome to attend the workshop as a representative as this is often a great experience and a brilliant way to get to know the Systemic Constellation Method.

About the Host

Beate Willma has been offering workshops in Systemic Constellation at think.dk since 2017. She is a multi-trained Coach and Facilitator of the Systemic Constellation Method, with which she fell in love the moment she met it. She facilitates individual clients and groups through beatewillma.com and workshops on money constellation at isfo.dk.
When she doesn't work as a coach and facilitator, Beate walks her talk as a musician, conductor and producer of new classical music.

Registration and Details

Up to 3 clients per evening plus representatives

Register at: https://www.meetup.com/think-dk/events/267876441

Clients: 600 kr. non-members/ 300 kr. members of think.dk - each client agrees to bring 2 or more friends as representatives for the whole session and states their names on registration. Thank you :)

Representatives: free, no separate registration necessary

This is a unique and often very giving experience, so inviting a friend (or a stranger) to support your path as a representative often turns out as a great experience of growth also for them.