Parent's Care Cafe.

The mission of Omsorgsbevægelsen is to create space for parents to develop/strengthen intuitive parent power. Both as an inner selfdiscovery/journey, and as an outer network with groups to share experiences, thoughts and ideas with, and to move towards a familybased life - as something that not only relates to our concrete family, but also to the structures around us - where needs of all the members of the family can be taken care of, without experiencing the possible trauma of to much separation that an over-institutionalized life can bring.

We want to inspire to create villagebased networks/settings, and to create new ways to care for our selfes, and our children, outside of an over-institutionalized life. (The mission does not totally exclude the use of institutions and schools in our family life - but include a serious reflection on how, why, how much, and open eyes to our own internalized institutionalization and how it affects our choices, and our own possible need for deeschooling.)

Intuitive parent power can also function as a gateway to get to know our deeper Self - and to strengthen our emotional intelligence and our body's ability to let go of old repressed emotions/trauma - because the love for our children can open us up for a deeper will to love everything, and be able to be with strong emotions for others and our self. A capacity and maturity that we need more of in the world.

We want our movement - Omsorgsbevægelsen - to be as SelfDirected as possible.

This event is hosted by - Omsorgsbevægelsen.


There is no need to sign up in advance, just drop in.

Tea and coffee are on the house. Beer and wine can be bought from the Think Beerfridge.