This is the official inauguration party for the Species Embassy Copenhagen!

Main program points will be:
- Inauguration of the Species Embassy.
- Appointment of the first species ambassadors for wild species in the capital region through a handover ceremony of the beautiful ribbons.

It gonna be splendid!

The Ambassadors appointed at the inauguration of the Embassy of the Arts Copenhagen will say / sing / poem / show / act something on 'their' species – short or long, funny, beautiful or raw it is entirely up to the Ambassador!

It's perfectly OK to join as a participant without singing up as Ambassador for a species.

We are still looking for musicians or other artists who can help make this day even more splendid!

About the Species Embassy

The Embassy of Species Copenhagen is the voice of nature in the capital of Denmark and aims to have wild species represented in our democracy and city.

The starting point in our diverse community of Species Embassies is the personal communication of Species Ambassadors, who popularly, creatively and thoughtfully convey, and advocate for their species. In here, every bird sings with its own beak. The bat expert, like the school student, each has their own way of speaking their species' case and showing its value and condition.
Our first goal is to become as many species ambassadors for wild species as there are people in the citizen assembly, i.e. 55.

We give the species-geocentric view of nature a counterpoint, with a view of nature that gives nature value in itself.

A manifold democracy.
We want nature's wild species to have much more space, understanding and acceptance and that this is shown in the real city and community development.

We work towards getting nature mayors, mayors of nature and a minister of nature who take the wild species' perspective on present and future priorities and development, and we want to introduce legal rights for species, habitats, ecosystems and habitats.

It must be possible to sue X, in the general legal system, for a species or habitat, for example on behalf of the Amager Fælled, if a law, an urban plan, or a private exploitation adversely affects one or more species in the capital and the country ecosystem.

We are affiliated with Arternes Aarhus and Arternes Aalborg.

About the Host

Inger Kærgaard is a biologist and tree activist. Find out more about Inger.

Registration and Details

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for a species, be it animal or plant, that is native in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas, please get in touch via the facebook event – or join the Facebook group for species ambassadors Copenhagen, where you can also find more updates.

There is no need to sign up in advance, just come and celebrate :)

The event will be held in Danish.