Open developer Tuesday at Drop by as you please. We'll be working at the big table from 10 to 16. The keyword is Open. You can work on your own projects or help out with ours. You can meet other curious souls and expand your network. It's a cozy and productive atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

Theme of the day: Building a 3D printer.

We bought an Anet A8 DIY 3D printer. We're about 1/3 into putting it together. Interested? Then come by an help out.

Generally about OpenDev Tuesdays

My personal focus at OpenDev Tuesdays is the onwards development of the parentNode stack. We'll be working on all aspects of the stack – including documentation and tests. If you are looking to get hands on experience with Janitor, Manipulator, Templator or Detector we will be ready to help you get started.

Come by and take part of the discussion and development. If you need inspiration or logical help with your personal project, we will also be ready to help to the extend possible. If you have specific questions, you can always drop a line before the meetup.

Free for everyone.