Join our Open House and Depot Support Session in Kulturhuset Indre By – soon to become a lighthouse for co-created sustainability.

Kulturhuset Indre By is changing and it is all about community, creativity and sharing – it’s about what we can do together with what we already have – it’s about what will grow, with collaborations and appropriate nurturing. And that involves everyone.

We have, Depot CPH and DIT:KBH joining forces and re-imagining the cultural house.


14:30-18:00 - Drop-in Workshop by – Sustainability and society

A continuous drop-in debate and discussion session about holistic sustainability on a systemic level. How do we arrange our society to achieve a sustainable balance that incorporates a holistic understanding of the interdependencies between all the areas of our society. We can’t save the environment if we only serve our own needs and we can’t save ourselves, if we only focus on the environment. Holistic sustainability is about incorporating all of it into a unified balance – so let’s explore the possibilities and challenges together.

14-23 - Bar and BBQ open.

Sloppy Joes and cold craft beer and kombucha. Supported by BRØL and Jalm&B.

Ishtadi (Nature Tales)
Kax Mahl (Hip Therapy)
Kris Percy (Sleazy Beats Recordings)
Quartier Groove
BGM8S Collective