The Event

Many men and woman have been searching for deeper, richer and more fulfilling relationships only to find themselves deeply dissatisfied! Trying to connect the dots...there are clues to be revealed in tonight’s gathering of men and women! 

What’s it like to be a woman/man in the Old Paradigm? Both prospectives will amaze, amuse and possibly move you to a new perspective, one that ultimately makes a difference in your life. We will be taking a look at how these insights translate into practical ways of living in the New Paradigm. You might go away feeling fully connected and in the flow: Love!

The Host

Dean Griffin is a World Transformation Leader and Life Coach with over 25 years experience in helping people move towards living authentically, connected in the flow, and fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Registration and Details

Price: Free to anyone with a commitment to grow!

Send your confirmation to: 26 83 20 79