At Our first workshop we were highlighting the differences in definition and understanding of what natural immunity is from an
allopathic (modern bio-physics medicine) and natural medicine
(bio-energetic) viewpoint. During our collective information harvest on positive and negative sides of natural immunity we got some comments on auto immunity , toxic world etc.

In natural immunity workshop part 2 workshop I would like us to connect again to our feedback from the first workshop and discuss the following topics:

  • How does modern medicine see autoimmunity compared to natural medicine?
  • What is the possible explanation of autoimmunity from both perspectives?
  • What are natural solutions for correcting autoimmune problems ?

After short break we shall look at these questions:

  • What are reasons for a low immune system functionality?
  • What are the symptoms that we can connect to the beginning of immune dysfunction?
  • What can we do to support natural immunity and prevent diseases?
  • What can we do in case of a viral/bacterial disease?

During the workshop I will need volunteers to demonstrate the relation between different causative reasons for immune dysfunction through bio-energetic scanning of the body. This is the time you truly meet with yourself :)

You will get medical diet recipes for acute conditions you could use at home.

Price: 100,00 DKK, 20% discount for members. Please get your ticket here!

We welcome a debate on pros and cons of alternative treatments – we host this event to share personal experiences and enable people to make better decisions in their own life. We are all different individuals – we believe we all need individual health care options which are aligned with our personal beliefs.