The Third Industrial Revolution is a long-term economic sustainability plan based on a radical new sharing economy and designed by Jeremy Rifkin to address the triple challenge of the global economic crisis, energy security, and climate change. This movie is based on the book he wrote about this exact plan and shows 'How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World'.

Rifkin is president of the Foundation on Economic Trends and the author of 17 bestselling books on the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society and the environment.

The documentary is based on a talk he gives to a group of Students, and illustrates in an amazing way the current status and developments of the Third Industrial Revolution.

It is a highly inspirational movie that brings attention to the potential, but also the challenges of our time – and when we watched it at the 2018 CPH:DOX festival we knew we had to share it with the community! 

The Event

Documentaries are an amazing tool to learn in-depth about a new topic in a very short time. In these series, we are showing award-winning documentaries on topics related to creating a more sustainable future.

As usual we'll serve snacks and have a small bar to serve you ♥

After the screening there is room for questions and to have an open discussion. We will present some of the latest developments on the topic since the movie was published and look forward to hearing your opinions!

IMBD: 8.1

Registration and Details

Price: FREE!

No need to get a ticket in advance, just show up :)

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