The magic circle is a room for everybody to explore playfulness, deeper connecting and conscious relating

A place to exercise your relational muscle by meeting people in new ways.

Come as you are, and bring your insecurities, your happiness, your playful inner child and your presence. Get to know yourself better through new ways of connecting with others.

What happens when you don't go into stories, but meet others in the present moment?

What happens in the eye contact with others?

We use circling principles, relational exercises and playfulness to facilitate the room.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Bo and Jakob

About the hosts:

Jakob is passionate about finding deeper connection in human meetings. He believes that the way to healthier and more fulfilling relationships, education, work and innovation is through authentic meetings. He has been working with meditation, coaching, therapy and relational dynamics for about 20 years. He is doing mens groups and is working as a coach with focus on relational dynamics. He has a background in Jungian psychology, meditation based trauma release and tantra.

Bo loves exploring what happens in deep connections and he likes to bring in playfulness in relating  as a mean for not getting caught up in the narratives. Bo has a background as an movement and play educator and he has studied play, games and learning dynamics at Aarhus University. Bo has for more than 30 years been enjoying a life with meditation, yoga and Qi Gong. He has many years of experience with circling, as a men's group facilitator, and as a meditation teacher.

Registration and Details

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Questions: Jacob 29827792