Antesa Jensen is definitely living her personal legend travelling to exotic and remote places while taking coachees along and rocking their worlds and facilitating fundamental life changes in the process.

Her story could be just out of the LYL textbook: Antesa had a successful carreer in finance In New York and later Copenhagen but something was missing. So she quit. Fast forward 16 months and she is now making a living doing what she always did in the first place - coaching and helping people - only now she is doing it 100% on her own terms while travelling the world in Adventure Awake.

Antesa will give a talk and share her journey with during the first half of our meetup and then we will have time to connect, ask questions, socialize and have fun until 21:30 where we will depart.

You can read more on Antesa on her website and find out more on what she is up to in her group.

Or even read the interview from our Live Your Legend Mastermind'er Simon Woetmann who was the reason this all came together, thank you!

About Live your Legend

Live Your Legend spring from the optimism of creating your own success doing something out of passion and defining your own measure of what success is to you. Inherent in this philosophy is the thought: if you believe in doing something that matters, help enough people and make a positive difference and have an impact, the money will come.

"We Don’t Do Things For The Money - We Believe In Everything We Do"

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