We are doing a Jim Rohn style goalsetting workshop to kick off the new year and a new decade. What would really do it for you to achieve? What 'rabbit' will you chase that will make you strain yourself, focus your effort, cut the distractions and unfold yourself and your potential? Put it into writing on this workshop.

About the event

It is the time for thinking of new beginnings.

Join this workshop to focus on your on dreams, wishes, visions, plans and goals. Do you know what you want for 2020? For the next 3, 5,10 years of your life? How much you want it, and why? Bring your journal and be prepared for doing some focused work.

Epic shit doesn't make itself!

We have to dream it up, make the investment, keep the energy, make and remake plans, show up and involve other people. We have to take real risk and face discomfort and uncertainty.

It is also crucial to separate long term visions from short term goals - because we have to treat them very differently, and manage our mental energy and investment carefully.

Most of us are capable of much more than we think because we measure against who we think we are today, not what we can learn and become. But often short term we are unrealistic about what we can consistently do because motivation ebbs and flows and life keeps happening.

In other words: We consitently overestimate what we can do in one year. And wildly underestimate what we can do in a decade of dedicated, consistent work.

We are going to look out for visions, goals and resolutions for 2020 - and beyond - and some tips and strategies on how to make lasting impact and be the change we want to see in our lives.

Sign up and show up
It may be life changing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bring your journal for notes a record of your goals!

About the Host

Anders is the Local Host of Live Your Legend community in Copenhagen. Since 2016 I have committed to arranging meet-ups, workshops and talks open for everybody. The goal is to define our life to suit our personal preferences and overcome traditional thinking as to what is possible for us.

Registration and Details

Price: 60,- or 30,- if you hold a think.dk membership. Cash or mobile pay 41 26 11 03.