We are spending some time to look at the year 2019 - and looking back even further.

This is the time to sum up learning and appreciate things done and effort spent during this year and concluding this decade!

Preferably you have already sat down and made a inventory of the most significant events and developments that have taken place during the past 1-5-10 year period.

What are the learning and takeaways and how does it impact you going into 2020 and a new era in your life? What comes up?

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It may be life changing.

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For more payoff bring your journal for notes and reflections!

Live Your Legend spring from the optimism of creating your own success doing something out of passion and defining your own measure of what success is to you. Inherent in this philosophy is the thought: if you believe in doing something that matters, help enough people and make a positive difference and have an impact, the money will come.

If you attend meetings regularly the group will provide ACCOUNTABILITY and help you stay on track on your trajectory toward living WITH INTENTION and do the work to improve life and work step by step and FACE CHALLENGES with grit and intelligence.

(For doing your own work - and no one is going to do it for you - you can go to liveyourlegend.net for free tools, guides and inspiration)