The French citizens will soon go vote for the legislative elections. There are more than 2 millions French people living outside France and for each of the 11 areas defined outside France, one representative will be elected.

Denmark belongs to Northern Europe area (#3), together with the UK, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Only in Copenhagen, around 4 000 French citizens will go vote.

To get a better overview of the candidates and their programme, a debate will take place on Tuesday the 23rd in London. 7 of the 16 candidates are invited to talk about education, economy and social questions.

Organised by, the debate will be projected in live at think. Everyone is welcome but remember that everyone will probably speak French!

The candidates (and their party):

  • Laurence Azzena-Gougeon (LR)
  • Patricia Connell (UDI)
  • Karine Daudicourt (EELV)
  • Alexandre Holroyd (REM)
  • Axelle Lemaire (PS)
  • Tony Thommes (FN)
  • Olivier Tonneau (FI)

This is the plan for the evening:

19:30 - Welcome
20:00 - Live projection of the debate
21:30 - Discussion with those who feel like it

The event is free of charge.